“Customers want light, bright and cheerful – and colours with impact,” says Catharine Miller, one of our art dealers. Uplifting colours is a trend well noted across the interiors industry this year, with paint companies launching happy shades of yellow, green and blue.  Art dealers have found clients looking to buy more paintings and decorative works than ever before, in smaller formats. “The gallery wall is still definitely a major feature in homes,” adds Catharine.  “It is so easy, and fun, to mix and change displays whenever the feeling takes you.”

Nathan Barker of Jenna Burlingham Fine Art agrees. “Our clients have been keen to purchase works with lighter and more colourful palettes, and whether abstract or figurative works, they all want pieces that express a light-hearted feeling.” He also notes that regular clients who have been buying to develop collections in their London homes are now adding substantially to their weekend houses out of town. – less expensive pieces, but more art, nonetheless. “They have realised, working from home in a house they might previously have only spent short periods of time in, that bare walls are not the look they want at all. I think also our regular cl