The health, safety and security of visitors and exhibitors is the number one priority during our show. We hope you’ll find the following information helpful.

Entry Requirements:
Admission will be by ticket only: Tickets can be bought online here. Once a ticket is purchased it can be used on any subsequent day. Re-admittance on that ticket is complimentary.

We strongly advise you to pre-book your ticket to the Fair (you can book on the morning of your visit). There will be a limited number of tickets available to purchase at the front desk but, during busy periods, you may have to wait if maximum visitor numbers in the venue has been reached.

In line with the latest Government directive, visitors will be required to wear a mask and show their vaccine passport or negative lateral flow test on entry to the Fair until Thursday 27 January, when restrictions are lifted. However, we would advise that you wear a mask to protect yourself and others. Visitors will be made aware of sanitiser stations.

Visitors will be temperature checked on entry to the Marquee. We have an unobtrusive machine that tests 30 people a second. You may not even know, but rest assured it is in operation.

Once you’ve entered the Marquee you will be remotely bag checked and asked to continue into the Foyer.

International Visitors:

If you are visiting from outside the United Kingdom, please follow the latest Government guidance on travelling from abroad.

On successful entry to England, visitors will be required to undertake a lateral flow test within 48 hours prior to arriving at the show.

Please then follow all other entry requirements listed above for all visitors.

Further Information:

Due to the nature of the situation, this guidance may be updated at any point. Any major updates will be communicated to visitors immediately.

What safety precautions are being taken by staff and exhibitors at the show?

Our staff and exhibitors are committed to keeping you safe during your visit to the Fair. A number of measures have been put in place to ensure that you can still have a great day out.

All staff will be vaccinated or will be required to provide evidence of a negative LFT.

There will be hand sanitising stations situated across the entire show site, especially in areas where there are more touch points, e.g. on exhibitor stands.

We’ll be cleaning high touch-point areas more frequently – including all catering areas and toilets.

Exhibitors will clean their stands more frequently.

We will maintain numbers within the event so as not to be overcrowded.

The new structure has the latest ventilation system in place.

What can you do to help?

We have introduced a number of additional safety measures and guidance this year:

If you feel unwell before the show, please don’t travel.

During the show, if you feel unwell, please contact the closest member of the security team.

Please adhere to the socially distanced queuing system in place to gain entry.

We are recommending the use of face coverings in line with latest guidance, especially when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Please be respectful of all other visitors and their space at the fair.

Finally, we wish you a safe and enjoyable visit to The Winter Decorative Fair.